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Some things to keep in mind before running a Marathon/Ultra Marathon.

I have a look at some points to remember before you face a marathon or ultramarathon. This should be helpful for Comrades runners. Regards, Mike Roscoe.

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Running and Longevity.

There have been several studies on running and longevity. The studies all point to the fact that physical exercise generally lengthens people lives. One of the leading lights in this field is Dr. Peter Schnohr, who has published several studies … Continue reading

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Good Running Form.

There are few things as beautiful to watch as a runner who demonstrates good running form. A runner who gracefully and lightly lands on the ground, and almost effortlessly takes off and floats through the air before landing again. I … Continue reading

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Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome and Acupuncture.

I have written about Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome before, but I want to re-address the condition here, due to some really cool new insights. This is a brief video (2 min 51 sec) that will help you visualise the problem … Continue reading

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Brooks Ravenna Shoe Review.

The Brooks Ravenna is one of the best stability shoes around. Here is a review of the shoe (4min 26 sec)

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Failure to Launch.

The same thing happens every year. A mass event has just taken place such as the: – Comrades Marathon – 94.7 Cycle Challenge – Ironman, Full or 70.3 – Midmar Mile – ________________ (insert another event here). On the Monday … Continue reading

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Pronation: Cause and effect.

Pronation: Cause and effect. Pronation is an inward turning of the ankle that takes place when a person runs or walks. The drawing below is of a person’s right foot. You can see how the foot drops inward- that is … Continue reading

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Know your muscles – Hamstrings.

Where are your hamstrings, and what do they do? Your hamstrings are found on the back of the upper leg. They are used to pull your foot toward your gluteus maximus, or ‘butt’, in easier to understand terms. They cross … Continue reading

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How to buy shoes from SBR Sport.

We sell running shoes at SBR Sport and we do our best to get the right pair of shoes on your feet. There are two ways to go about buying shoes from us. Please note; booking is essential for our … Continue reading

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Exercise vs Depression.

There are a number of positive spin offs for people who exercise when it comes to good mental health. Let’s unpack some of these.  Exercise releases some really cool chemicals into your brain. When you exercise your brain releases natural … Continue reading

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