Bike Maintenance and Services

You should bring your bike in for a general service at least twice a year if you are ridingbike-maintenance 3 x per week.

  • It is also a good idea to have the bike checked out, washed and lubed before major races, just don’t leave it too late!
  • Remember that ‘No flat’ gel in tubeless tyres is good for about a year, after which it needs to be replaced. This can be messy, and not fun, so if you like we can do it for you.
  • The cost of the Services below include labour, oils , solvents and lubes, but exclude any parts necessary and tubeless fluids*. Should it be found that parts need to be replaced during a service, we will contact you first.
  • Services generally take 24 hours, unless parts need to be ordered, in which case we will call you when it is ready.

Service Options:

Level 1 Cost
Wash and Lube R125
Comprehensive wash and chain lube, test ride.
Level 2 R475
Wash and Lube service Plus
Gear Set (adjust gears- barrels, derailleur front and rear)
Check, replace and set brake pads, rotors, cables and levers. *
Fit new tubes, tyres or replace sealant as needed.*
Test and maintenance report.
Level 3 R630
As for mini service and the following:
Bleed brakes if required.
Fit new brake and gear cabling and housing as required.*
Remove, clean, grease and refit or replace headset.*
Remove, clean, grease and refit or replace bottom bracket.*
True wheels, tighten/ replace spokes *
Service/ replace drive train – chain, cluster, crankset,chainrings, jockey wheels*
Check and adjust air pressure in fork and shock, set remote lock
Refill tubeless tyres,fit new tubeless conversion, rim seal and valves*
Level 4 R1000
As for Standard Service and including:
Remove clean and grease and refit bearings in both hubs(or replace)*
Replace/service/ lube freewheel body *
Bleed disc brakes –new fluid for equal braking
Torque rear triangle and lube pivots and shock bushes
Replace hydraulic brake cables if necessary*
Other   Services:  
True Wheel R150, wheel rebuild R 350
Replace Spokes R 180 
Replace Tube R  50
Replace Tubeless Fluid R 120
Tubeless Conversion R 900 material included.
Replace Brakes *
Shock Service(sent to specialist)  
Box Bicycle R175 (box + labour)
Unbox Bicycle R100
Build Bicycle/ Swop parts R1000
Random Bicycle Noises R150/ hour to attempt repair
Service/ bleed hydraulic brakes.             R 160

           *Price excludes parts.

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