Failure to Launch.

The same thing happens every year. A mass event has just taken place such as the:
– Comrades Marathon
– 94.7 Cycle Challenge
– Ironman, Full or 70.3
– Midmar Mile
– ________________ (insert another event here).

On the Monday following the above event, someone at work swings back on their chair, sniffs once, and announces that they will be doing the above event next year. Someone in the office, will in amazement, say something like this; “I didn’t know that you are a swimmer/cyclist/runner!” To which our intrepid athlete will say something like this, “Yip, I was really fast in High School”. failure leaning

12 months forward, and some of those that announced their intention will be at the start line, however the majority of those that announced their intention won’t.
I want to unpack why some won’t be there.

1. Most of these longer events will take a full year to prepare.
Lots won’t have the discipline to commit to such a long process. People who look for quick results in all they do certainly won’t.
failure rocket

2. You need to look at costs involved.
Bikes cost money. A good pair of running shoes will set you back between R 1800 to R 2500 at the moment. Race entry fees, travel costs and other things need to be factored in.

3. Your training needs to start tomorrow.
How far you go and how fast you go at this point mean nothing. In fact, going out too far, too fast, will certainly lead you into trouble. Consistency is what counts.

4. You need info- lots of it.
Start immersing your mind as well as your body into the event that you are looking at doing. Get the date for next year’s event. Do you need to do a qualifier? Read articles on training, injuries and nutrition. This blog would be a good place to start. It is a good idea to get a training schedule or to find someone who can guide you through your training. You will be in for an amazing journey of growth if you do things properly.

5. You need the backup of your family.
All these events mean that you are going to have to sacrifice time, and because your work is unlikely to understand your new found goal, your family will have to make the sacrifice. You need to have them behind you. So, sit down with them, discuss your intentions, and go ahead only if you have their backing.

6. You might need to check with your Doctor if you are able to participate.
Get a checkup if you need to.

7. You need to start with the right equipment.
If it’s a bike, you need to get the right size bike and it needs to be properly set up. Swimming goggles need to be comfortable and watertight. You need to select the right running shoes. (This can be tricky; however, we specialize in this area).

8. Don’t post your intentions on Facebook.
Do some smaller events and post your race pics after you have done them. You don’t need to place extra pressure on yourself at this point.

9. Start slow.
Follow the 10% rule of mileage increase, especially as a runner.

10. Get ready for a year of ups and downs.
Have you got what it takes to cope? Athletes get injured, life throws curve balls, you might get sick. No one ever has a smooth race prep. Athletes with fortitude and consistency, who learn how to take the good with the bad, are the ones who end up on the start line.
failure success

Hope this helps you get to the start line of _______________-__________ (Place name and date of event here.

Mike Roscoe.

Mike Roscoe

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