How to buy shoes from SBR Sport.

We sell running shoes at SBR Sport and we do our best to get the right pair of shoes on your feet.

There are two ways to go about buying shoes from us. Please note; booking is essential for our Pronation check and Runner’s Leg Assessment. Call us on .

  1. Pronation Check.
    Bring your old pair of running shoes (if you have a pair).  saucony womens guide 9
    – I will take a short history of your running.
    – I will listen to what your running goals are.
    – I will listen to any aches and pains that you might be experiencing.
    – I will then put you on the treadmill for about 40 seconds and film your running. We very carefully look at your rate of pronation.
    We will then go over what we filmed and measure a few angles. This together with the last few points will enable me to advise you about the best shoes for you. We will always give a few pointers that will help you run injury free. This is all written down. This mini assessment takes 30 minutes. Please go to the pricing list for details of costs.
  2. Runner’s Leg assessment.
    Please go to the pricing list for costs involved. The Assessment takes an hour. We have two main groups of people who make use of this service.
    – 1. People wanting advice on their running style and how to avoid injury.
    – 2. People with injuries who want to recover from their injury.
    Most injuries are overcome by following basic advice. I have helped 1000’s of runners with this program.
    You can read more about the leg assessment here – Runner’s Leg Assessment.

Some important points: brooks ghost 9

  1. Shoes last about 900 to 1000 kilometers.
  2. Quality shoes are expensive.
  3. We are not more expensive than the large retailers, on many occasions, our prices are more competitive.
  4. The right pair of shoes will go a long way in preventing injuryrunning_joints_1209. It is possible to be penny wise and pound foolish when buying shoes. Paying a few hundred Rand more on a pair of shoes might save you from a really expensive injury.
  5. With regard to the last point, shoes do not solve all running injuries. However, we will always do our best to advise, refer and ‘walk’ you through your injury. This might include Massage/Myofascial release, Kinesio tape etc.


Mike Roscoe.

Mike Roscoe

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SBR Sport specialises in Swimming, Biking and Running. On the medical side we are able to do intensive bike setups, leg assessments and soft tissue release. - and/or facebook -
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  1. Grant Louw says:

    That is great advice. I will certainly call on you guys when buying my next pair of running shoes.


  2. themba says:

    I was the on Monday.the assessor is amazing.

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