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The Center of Movement – Thoracolumbar Fascia.

You have a sheath of fascia in the small of your back. It’s called the thoracolumbar fascia and it is the center of movement.

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The damage you do when you sit too much.

I wrote a blog called Sitting is the New Smoking a while ago. I want to add to some of those thoughts with this blog. The reason for my interest in this subject is that I deal with many athletes … Continue reading

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Sacroiliac Joint Pain.

Ever had pain in the Sacroiliac Joint area? Read on for a bit on info on this joint.  The sacroiliac joint or SIJ forms the interface for where the sacrum and pelvis meet. Pain from this joint can show up … Continue reading

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Planking and injury prevention.

We work with a number of runners, cyclists and swimmers. A number of them will pick up an injury at some stage or another. One of the most common causes for injuries is a weak core. The words, ‘Core muscles’ … Continue reading

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Weak Glutes and injuries.

What are the Gluteal Muscles? Well, to start they have a whole host of names from butt, buttocks, buns, derrière, tush etc. Most people see them as the things that either fill your jeans too much or not enough. However … Continue reading

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Weak Glute Medius Muscles and a Chain Reaction.

A weak Glute Medius muscle will cause all sorts of problems. Here is why – Where is the Gluteus Medius Muscle? The muscle an upper anterior buttock muscle that originates from the section of the pelvic bone known as the … Continue reading

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A look at our Runner’s Leg Assessment.

Our Runner’s Leg Assessment is something unique that I have developed over years of dealing with runners and their injuries. Added to that, I have been running for 35 years and believe that you will find great value in the assessment. … Continue reading

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Lower Back Pain and Swimmers.

A number of Triathletes suffer from lower back pain. This is often attributed to time spent on the bike. I have found that a more conservative Time Trial bike position actually gives the spine a break from the rigors of … Continue reading

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