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The Center of Movement – Thoracolumbar Fascia.

You have a sheath of fascia in the small of your back. It’s called the thoracolumbar fascia and it is the center of movement.

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The damage you do when you sit too much.

I wrote a blog called Sitting is the New Smoking a while ago. I want to add to some of those thoughts with this blog. The reason for my interest in this subject is that I deal with many athletes … Continue reading

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A Look at Sciatica.

Sciatic pain comes in different forms- some people report a stabbing pain in the lower back, while others feel areas of tingling or numbness down the leg. The sciatic nerve comes out of the spine and runs down through the … Continue reading

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Piriformis Problems – A pain in the butt.

Piriformis Muscle. Where is it, and what does it do? This muscle lies beneath the gluteus maximus muscle. Piriformis problems can be both painful and debilitating. Its origin is on the lateral surface of the sacrum and it inserts on … Continue reading

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