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The Center of Movement – Thoracolumbar Fascia.

You have a sheath of fascia in the small of your back. It’s called the thoracolumbar fascia and it is the center of movement.

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The Importance of Mountain Climbers.

Why you should be doing Mountain Climbers. We live in an age of high pressure, minimal spare time and quick fixes. So, if I had time to do just one exercise to augment my swimming and/or cycling and/or running, it … Continue reading

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A review of the book, “Blue Zones”.

I have just finished reading the book, “The Blue Zones” by Dan Buettner. The book is published by National Geographic. This article contains some of the highlights that I found in the book.  The book examines communities, known as Blue … Continue reading

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Learning to Move and Play.

It’s Rugby World Cup time again, and two things come to mind: 1- A lot of my friends suddenly become armchair experts, and use Facebook as their prefered medium to publish their wise observations. 2- A quote that forms the … Continue reading

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