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Keeping your Superficial Back Line flexible.

Everything is connected. In myofascial terms, you have a line of fascia that starts at the top of your eyes, runs over the head, down alongside your spine, through the buttocks, down the legs and ends under your feet. In fact, … Continue reading

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Trigger Points – Signs of a Past Storm.

Your sleep gets interrupted one night by what sounds like a massive storm outside. The following morning as you leave the house, you see evidence of the past storm on the ground, broken branches, leaves and stones lying on the … Continue reading

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Calf Muscle Strains.

The two most common injuries I see during our runners leg assessments are Calf muscle  strains and ITB. We have run a successful ITB rehab program for a while now. You can read more about it at What is ITB? The Calf … Continue reading

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There is a school of thought that says that stretching is bad for you. I disagree. Just when should you stretch? The best time is after a workout. Your muscles and tendons are warm and will benefit more from the … Continue reading

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Good Running Practices.

At SBR Sport I do a number of Runners Leg Assessments each week. These consist of general flexion tests, a knee examination that checks for 9 different knee injuries e.t.c. I also place runners on our treadmill and measure rates … Continue reading

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