SBR Sport Swim Squad.

The SBR Sport Swim Squad has been running for the last 6 years with great success. The squad is aimed at getting people ready for open water events such the Midmar mile, Midmar 8 mile club, Sabrina love swim and all the various triathlon distance swims including 1/2 and full Ironman. wahoo aquatic

Points to note:

–          We spend a lot of time practising free style, as that is the most efficient stroke for open water events.

–          We don’t use flippers, as open water swimming is more about learning to use your upper body effectively.

–          We meet on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6:00 – 7:00 a.m. with the option to add time on later in the season as we approach 1/2 and full Ironman.

–          On Wednesdays we concentrate on speed.

–          On Fridays we concentrate on endurance work.

–          We meet at Wahoo Aquatic Centre.

–          You need to open a membership account with Wahoo. Wahoo run one of the best pools in the Gauteng area. They are happy if you try the squad out for a few sessions before signing up.

  •          Costs. Please click on the pricing page for details. This is payable at the beginning of each month and is charged regardless of how many times you plan to swim in the month.

–          You need to be able to swim before joining us as this is not a ‘learn to swim’ program.

–          Swimmers must be able to swim 20 lengths without stopping before joining.

–          You need to bring a pair of hand paddles along.

–          Wahoo have kick boards and pool buoys, and so you do not have to buy these.

–          I try to make the squad a fun squad to belong to.

Our training approach.  open water

Swimming is all about efficiency. You cannot fight with water and expect to win. Grace and efficiency beat strength. You need not be intimidated to join. Each person swims at his/her own pace. I might announce that we are doing 8 sets of a specific exercise. The fastest swimmers in the squad will always complete all 8. Slower swimmers may only complete 5. That’s ok, as over time the slower swimmers will speed up and eventually complete 6, then 7, then the whole set. That means that you will not be left swimming up and down while a bored group of swimmers look on waiting for you to finish up.

I absolutely love swimming and recently became the 33rd person in the history of Midmar to have swum 5 x 8 Mile Club events.

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Mike Roscoe.

Mike Roscoe

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