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Training – Plans and Principles.

I think we are agreed on this: Exercise is vital. Johnathan Shaw writes the following in the Harvard Magazine –

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Protein Part 2 by guest blogger Nicola Drabble.

Part 2 In part 1, I discussed why protein is essential for heath and its importance in sports nutrition.  In part 2, I will be discussing protein in endurance sports before, during and after exercise. Protein intake pre exercise The … Continue reading

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Heart Rate Training 2 – Be like Ed.

So, you have read Heart Rate Training – part 1. If you haven’t just click on the highlighted section now. Now let’s unpack the the Yin/Yang – Hard/Easy concept. Runners who do not understand their heart rates will often run … Continue reading

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Heart Rate Training – Part 1.

I want to spend time looking at the importance of heart rate training. Your heart rate is an insight as to what is happening in your body. A low resting heart rate indicates fitness, a higher than normal resting heart … Continue reading

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Treat the Person and not the Injury.

We specialise in three primary areas, namely: – Runners Leg Assessments – Myofascial release/massage – Bike setups. There are two primary reasons for people making appointments for the above: some want to get more efficient in their sport, and others come … Continue reading

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Understanding Heart Rate Zones.

I would encourage people training for a specific event to incorporate heart rate based training into their regime.  Without it, your training will tend to become one dimensional, you may train at a similar speed each run and never actually … Continue reading

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How to run your first 10 K race.

So, you want to participate in a 10 k race. Here is how to go about it. The 10 k distance is brilliant for anyone who has run a 5 k. In order to get used to those distances it … Continue reading

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Runners Wisdom.

It’s amazing how much you learn during a run. I have said for years that what you learn in endurance sport can be directly related to life in general. So, here are some of the key learnings. Never make a … Continue reading

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Motivation to Train.

“Nothing’s better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you.” – Aaron Douglas Trimble “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” – Buddha 1. Take baby … Continue reading

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No Excuses – Time to Excercise.

You have 24 hours in a day. There are 1440 minutes in every day. The excuse that many give for lack of exercise is that they don’t have enough time. Bottom line is that you have as much time as … Continue reading

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