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Carbohydrates – Pt 2

In part 1, I discussed the types of carbohydrates and how they are used for energy in the body.  In part 2, I will be discussing the benefits of consuming carbohydrates pre, during and post training/ race. Carbohydrates before exercise … Continue reading

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Carbohydrates – pt 1

Low carb, high protein, high fat, train low, compete high….the list is endless.  Not a day goes by in my practice that I don’t talk about importance and need for carbohydrates in a balanced diet.   Many athletes are confused about … Continue reading

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How to prevent overtraining.

How to prevent overtraining. Read the previous article so that you are better able to recognise the symptoms involved. https://sbrsport.me/2014/05/04/signs-of-over-training/ Keep a training diary.  In your diary, you can record details such as your resting heart rate when you wake up … Continue reading

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