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Massage at SBR Sport.

I spend a fair portion of my day doing myofascia relase. The word, ‘Myo’ means muscle and the word, ‘Fascia’ speaks of the tissue that surrounds the muscle. Releasing both together can have a profound effect in injury recovery and rebalancing … Continue reading

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Piriformis Problems – A pain in the butt.

Piriformis Muscle. Where is it, and what does it do? This muscle lies beneath the gluteus maximus muscle. Piriformis problems can be both painful and debilitating. Its origin is on the lateral surface of the sacrum and it inserts on … Continue reading

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A little bit about SBR Sport

Here is a look at what we do as a shop.  1) We are a multisport retail shop. That means that we stock equipment for swimming, biking and running. We are able to cater for people doing one or more of … Continue reading

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