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Sometimes your shoulders hurt because of your neck.

A look at the SCM (Sternocleidomastoid) muscle. Everything in the body is connected.When people are in pain, the key  is to not think locally, but to think globally. We live in a world where a slowdown in China reverberates economically … Continue reading

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Know your muscles – Peroneals

Intro to the muscle.  I wrote about the gastrocnemius muscle a few weeks ago. That’s the large bulging calf muscle. Put your hand on the upper part of your lower leg. Now push your foot down. That bulging muscle is … Continue reading

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Kinesiology Tape – rehab tool.

At some stage you would have seen an athlete with kinesiology tape on. The tape was developed by Japanese Chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase 25 years ago. This begs the question, just what does it do? The tape is placed over … Continue reading

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