Why I love Running.

I started running at 15 years old. I turned 50 recently, so that calculated to 35 years of running. Here are some of the reasons I love running:

  • Running is primal. It is natural. It just feels right.
  • Running is simple. To swim you need a pool, and that needs to be covered and warmed if you want to swim all year round. Cycling requires a bicycle and deep pockets. Running requires a pair of shorts, an old t shirt and a pair of running shoes.
  • Running is my go to sport when life gets stressful. Every stressful event in my life has been followed by a run. I need to get on my own, sweat out the frustrations, and drain my body of excess adrenaline. me easter run.
  • Watching a good runner is like watching poetry in motion. I stopped during a run the other day to watch a runner approach me and then run around a corner and disappear down the road. He had a lightness and spring to his step that was just phenomenal.
  • I live in South Africa, a land that has been severely affected by racial mistrust. Although things are getting better, the country still has a long way to go. However, at a running event, differences in skin color drop away completely. All gather for one purpose, to conquer the distance before them, and their own fears: that powerful combination destroys all barriers. I am convinced that the Comrades Marathon is the most special day in our calendar. The 13 to 14 thousand that participate, and the 4 million or so that line those hallowed roads are completely unified. Maybe we should force all our politicians to run a marathon together.
  • I love running with people.  Love the chats and the grunts that take place on hills. I also love running on my own, just me, a bit of music and my thoughts.
  • I love being outdoors. Johannesburg has some of the best weather in the world for year round running.
  • I love that runners greet each other. A little wave of the hand from the other side of the road and my heart skips a beat, every time.
  • Running is the cheapest of the triathlon sports. A pair of running shoes is expensive, but so worth it. Here is how we sell shoes  How to buy shoes at SBR Sport.
  • I have a friend who told me that he would be a cereal killer if he did not run. I have yet to figure that one out – cereal

Running is challenging, in that runners get injured. Swimming and cycling are non-weight bearing activities. Running, however, tests every system. I have had the privilege of helping many runners recover from injury. I am obsessed with helping runners out, and grateful for this role.

Hope to see you on the road soon.


Mike Roscoe.
Mike Roscoe



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