A look at our Runner’s Leg Assessment.

Our Runner’s Leg Assessment is something unique that I have developed over years of dealing with runners and their injuries. Added to that, I have been running for 35 years and believe that you will find great value in the assessment.

Who is the Runner’s Leg Assessment aimed at?
1. Runners who are battling with an injury.
2. Runners wanting to avoid injury and simply run better.

Recovering from an injury need not be a complex matter.

Give us a call on if we can help.

How long does it take and how much does it cost?
1 hour – please go to the pricing list

What is done?
Time is spent looking at the flexion of different muscle groups.
We also look for leg length discrepancies and measure the Q angle.
We look for signs of different injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, 9 different knee injuries, Back issues., e.t.c.
We then film the runner on a treadmill and analyze the results. Pronation rates, Quad dominant styles, Glute medius weaknesses, midline crossing and more are measured.

At the end of the observations, we sit down with the runner and give advice on stretches, strengthening exercises, running shoes, gait adjustment e.t.c. You will walk out with a two-page report that will guide you into running better and injury free.

Some conditions need a certain amount of follow-up muscle and work. I am able to help with massage, active release, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. You can read more here: Myofascial Release.

Why do we do this?treatment

The runner’s leg assessment tells a ‘story’ that helps define why people get injured. For example, there are five different factors that can cause ITB. Until you have ruled out the non-causes you will never be able to tackle the actual causes.

I have done assessments for people who have ranged from:
– 11 to 65 years of age.
– -People using running to reduce weight to serious athletes.
– From people battling with cancer to people in full health.
– From runners looking to run their first 5km to runners hoping for a personal best at Comrades.

We do stock shoes. Our prices are comparable to other shoe outlets. We give a R 100 discount to people who buy shoes after the assessment.


Mike Roscoe.
Mike Roscoe

About sbrsport

SBR Sport specialises in Swimming, Biking and Running. On the medical side we are able to do intensive bike setups, leg assessments and soft tissue release. - www.twitter.com/swimbikerunshop and/or facebook - www.facebook.com/sbrsport.
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49 Responses to A look at our Runner’s Leg Assessment.

  1. Jameel Harris says:

    Hi I dislocated my knee a couple of times. Most recently the end of October 2012 , and until now I’m still not able 2 walk normally. Can’t stretch it fully. I ran for a while on grass for about +-15mins, afterwards it was swollen again. Any advice?

    • SBR Sport says:

      The first call would be to find out if you have torn any of the structures in the knee especially since you are not able to walk normally. You need to get to an Orthopod for that. Wish you a speedy recovery.

      • Jameel Harris says:

        Luckily I didn’t. Just pains alot when walking a decent distance. Bt thanks alot for the input and care.

  2. Stephen says:

    how much does the assessment cost? Been having ITB issues for a long time, would really like to try figure out the cause of it.

  3. Samantha says:

    Where can I book this test?? Super interested 😀

  4. johannes says:

    hi since last year april i have been struggling with a tendon injury how can heal it.

    • SBR Sport says:

      Hi Johannes
      If you have been struggling for that length of time you need to go to a Doctor.
      Hope you get better soon.

  5. Darren says:

    Hi unfortunately I live in ireland but I’ve been looking for something like this but don’t seem to be able to find it and I’ve been to several physios who just don’t know the problem that I think I have. All my weight seems to be on my left side when I run and the leg turning inwards to the point that i am having pain on the outside of my foot. I have a dull ache around the hip area after runs (intermitent depending on intensity) and I have a dull ache at the bottom of my butt and sometimes experience low back pain on the left side. Any ideas or a person that could look at me..this has been going on since April 2012 🙁

  6. Darren says:

    P.S – left side gets very tired when doing lateral steps with resistance band.

    • sbrsport says:

      Hi – not sure of anyone there unfortunately. Sounds like a Glut Medius issue but really hard to tell from here. Hope you come right.

  7. Dimitri says:

    Mike you are a Ninja Master!!! I am running faster and further that i ever have(oh and more comfortably) Thanks a mill!!! Best money ever spent

  8. lot says:

    I am having a pain rite on top of the knee. (Called runners knee) and would like to make an appointment.

  9. sbrsport says:

    Sorry to hear. Let us know if we can help.

  10. Jillian says:

    Hi … is there a facility like this available in Cape Town?

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  13. Koos Smit says:

    Would liketo come for an assessment

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  15. Vicci Martin says:

    i had both knees operated on last October, I was told to quit running completely, I would still love to run again even if just short distances like 5 km. do I resign myself to the fact running is out for life ?

    • sbrsport says:

      Hi Vicci – it really is hard to give advice via a blog. It would be best to give us a call and book a time together.

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  17. Linda Zondi says:

    I have pains on my tibial turborosity. How to overcome? Can you guys help?

  18. Brendon says:

    Very interesting. Is this only in Jhb. I’m intersted for my hamstring and injury and loose a bit of weight. But also for my son in Nelspruit who is a serious runner.

  19. Stephanie du Preez says:

    Hi my son is a middle distance runner 15 years old. He have a knee injury did not hurt himself 1 day just couldnt run. Took him to dr x-strays shows no injury. Orthopedic said bone confusion and hamstring tendinitis. Its been more than a month now and he started to run short distances now but he wants to play rugby now. He gas also grown quite fast about 20cm in the last 12 months. Should we make an appointment to see you before we alliw him to play rugby?

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  26. La-Toya says:

    Hi there. I think I might have a condition called compartmental disease. I read up on it and it seems that surgery is the only way to rectify it. Is this true?

    • sbrsport says:

      Hi La-Toya – you need to have compartment syndrome properly diagnosed. I would suggest going to an orthopedic or vascular surgeon to get it checked out.

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