Getting Aero: Notes for Triathletes.

So, you are about to do a triathlon, and because you are not allowed to draft behind another cyclist, you are looking for as much of an aerodynamic advantage as possible. The following should help give you an idea of how much time you can save with some really slippery products.

Tri Suit.

aero tri suit

You will wear a Tri suit for the whole event. Yip, under the wetsuit, on the bike with its thin shammy, and then on the run. It needs to be skin tight so that it doesn’t flap around in the wind.

Cost – R 1500 +
Time saving over 40 km – up to 2 mins.

Aero helmet. aerohelmetssmall
Naturally, you will need a helmet. Most triathlons have a Marshall who will check your helmet. Any crack on it and you will not be allowed to proceed. An aero helmet makes you look like something out of Alien. This helmet is sometimes referred to as a ‘sperm helmet’.
Cost – R 2500 +
Time saving over 40 km – 1.30 mins.

Deep dish rims. aero wheels
These will be the most expensive upgrade you might choose to put on your bike.
They will both speed you up and make your bike sound really ninja.
Cost – R 10k – 25K+
Time saving over 40 km – 1.30 min.

Razor. aero blade
This is the cheapest of all aero upgrades. The benefits include an easier surface to massage and a pair of shaved legs will prove to the world that you are serious about what you want to achieve.
Cost – R 5+
Time saving over 40 km – negligible.

Aero bars. aero bars
Confident cyclists should use these for all triathlons. They allow you to get both low and tucked up. Time trial bikes have these as standard kit. You can
add a set of bars to a road bike, and it is sometimes necessary to also put a forward leaning seat post onto your road bike. I would strongly suggest that you have an expert bike setup for this. Let me know if I can help.


Cost – R 1400+ for the bars.
Time saving over 40 km – 5.30 to 6 minutes.

Hope that helps. Might be time after all this reading to grab a choc.

aero chocRegards,

Mike Roscoe.

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