The Question: Will I enjoy Cycling?

We often get faced with the following scenario: Someone walks in and looks at the bikes we stock. The person has not been on a bike for a few years and is wrestling with a question, “What if I buy a bike and then realise that I hate cycling?” The fear is that the customer would have wasted a lot of money on something that will stand in the garage for a few years until they eventually try to sell it.

The Dilemma.

Some people attempt to solve this problem by getting a cheap and nasty bike that will not break the bank, but at the same time give the person an opportunity to test the answer to the question.

The dilemma is this, cheap bikes:
– are heavy, they tend to use cheaper materials. It won’t be long until your legs will feel the pain of dragging a really heavy bike up a hill.
– the brakes are not effective. There is nothing more frightening that holding tight onto a brake lever and not slowing down sufficiently.
– the gears often don’t work properly, which can become a major source of frustration.

So, our question, “Will I enjoy cycling?” is not properly answered via the cheap test.

Here is my answer and it consists of three simple questions.

Q1. Did you ride as a child?

Answer yes, and you managed to get through the biggest challenge in cycling. Cycling kid riding bikerequires that the bike stays vertical, and for that to happen you need to pedal in faith to get the bike moving.

The second result of a positive answer to question 1, is that it will not take long before the same brain cells that lit up as a child will light up again as you experience the thrill of cycling. I bet that it will take a couple of corners, leaning the bike in and experiencing the thrill of a turn, and you will be hooked. Add to that a few moments when you need to brake in order to slow the bike down, and as you feel the weight of your torso on your arms you will be entering into a brand new addiction.

Q2. Do you have an eye for symmetry?

Bikes are beautiful things. I often join visitors to the shop just to drool over a bike. The wheels, spokes, front fork, frame, chain, gears, paint work- all these combine to create an artbeautiful bike form. We have had customers who have parked their bikes in their bedrooms for the first few weeks of ownership, only to have their significant other insist that it moves into the garage.

Q3. Do you have stressful job?

Boom, I know the answer to that one. You need to get out there, work up a sweat, get rid of your excess adrenaline. Cycling will bring a sense of adventure back into your life. If your average day consists of eating, traffic, answering emails etc, then trust me, you need to get a bike, soon.

On a more serious note, I wrote an article a while ago on exercise and depression. Give it a read when you have a chance.

Hopefully this has got you thinking. If you have decided to get a bike, get the very best bike that you can afford. Pop into the shop and we will take you through some of the bikes available.

I hope this article helps, and that we see you on the road or on a path soon.




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