Saucony Kinvara – Shoe Review.

I have just started running in a pair of Saucony Kinvara shoes. (The plan is to post a video on the shoe when I have hit 200km in the shoe).
Saucony kinvara

In the interim, here are some facts about the shoe, and my first impressions.

Basic Facts:

Saucony are on their 8th edition of the shoe.
The shoe is a lightweight training/racing shoe.
It has a 4mm heel to toe drop.

First Impressions:

The shoe is way softer than I thought it would be. I have run in so-called ‘lightweight’ trainers and thought that I was going to lose a few fillings. This, however, is very different. I felt at home from the get-go.  I require shoes with mild levels of stability, so my concern was that the shoe would not be stable enough for me. However, the shoe has proven to be unusually stable. The secret to this is in the shape of the shoe – the shoe has a straightish last or shape, i.e. the shoe is not cut inwards by the foot arch and so the extra material over this area helps stabilize it.
saucony kinvara
There is a slight ridge on the outside of the shoe. I was aware of it for the first two runs. I am no longer aware of it. (The ridge might just play a positive role for supernators).
The shoelaces are light and non-stretchable.  I think I got a bit spoilt with the more stretchy ones on the Saucony Guide. However, it must be said that when your only complaint is about the laces, you are either way too fussy or just a spoilt brat.

This is the woman’s shoe.

saucony kinvara

So, the early initial report is that I love the shoe.

Will chat more about the shoe soon.


Mike Roscoe.


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