An Appeal – Save the Rhino

On 13 and 14th of February this year, I will be swimming all 8 Midmar Miles for the 8 Mile Club. There is a charity element to these swims, and I will be swimming for the “Save the Rhino” foundation.


Reasons for swimming for this particular charity.

  1. Our wildlife is under threat. One Rhino is killed every eight hours in Southern Africa.
  2. I really want my children’s children to grow up with the opportunity to see these animals.
  3. I would love to know that we live on a kind planet, where both humans and animals have the right to exist.
  4. Our government recently legislated that it was legal to trap and remove a certain amount of these animal’s horns in order to establish some control of the situation. There is only one way to stop the trade of horns, and that is to make it completely illegal.
  5. Donating money is tangible and beats the hell out of lame and shocking posts on Facebook.

So, if you feel inclined, pop into SBR Sport and fill out a pledge form. The 8 Mile charity has been around for years and is carefully monitored. All money collected will make it to the “Save the Rhino” foundation. The foundation has a list on their website giving 10 good reasons to save the animal.

Any donation will be gladly accepted.
My goal is to collect at least R 10 000.

This will be the 5th time that I swim for the 8 Mile club, and if all goes according to plan, I will have completed my 44th Midmar Mile on the Sunday. The swims get harder and harder to complete over the weekend, and knowing that you are doing them for a purpose much greater than yourself forms a powerful motivation.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Roscoe.
Mike Roscoe

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