Bike Life Finance – we have just teamed up with them.

We have linked up with Bike Life life finance

The company gives you the chance to pay off a bike at really competitive rates. For example, we have a R16 000 bike on the floor.

You could pay that off over:

1 year at R1 514.00

2 years at R819.00

3 years at R595.00

These prices are dependent on a 10% deposit. Some of the more expensive machines require a bigger deposit.

You start the process off by sending an sms to 45373 with your initials & surname, ID number and email address. They then contact you and take the process further.

They estimate that you can get on your new set of wheels in two days if the process goes smoothly.

What is also nice, is that you can add other products onto the package. For example, a triathlete can add a bike, wetsuit, tri suit and helmet onto the order. It means that you are totally equipped, once and for all.

You can take out a gym membership and pay monthly for equipment that will never be yours, or you can buy a bike, own it and own the great outdoors. You can always purchase a trainer and train indoors in the evening or when the weather turns bad.

We have access to Giant, Volcan, Argon, Cervelo and Lapierre bikes.

There are terms and conditions – you can find out more by logging onto

 Let us know if we can help. Call on .




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