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Tired Quads, Strained Quads.

Look down at your legs when seated, and you are looking at your Quadricep muscles. Quad is Latin for 4, and so you have four muscles making up the group, namely: Rectus femoris Vastus medialis Vastus lateralis Vastus intermedius. These … Continue reading

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Know your Muscles – Quadriceps.

Time to look at your Quadriceps. If you are seated, look down at your legs, and you will be looking at your quadriceps or quads. Your quads are responsible for extending your lower leg forward. Of the four quads, three … Continue reading

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Q Angle – What is it?

The Q angle is the angle that the Quadricep muscles pull in relation to the angle of knee movement. A high Q angle often results in maltracking of the patella, that is it does not travel over the front of the … Continue reading

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