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Tired Quads, Strained Quads.

Look down at your legs when seated, and you are looking at your Quadricep muscles. Quad is Latin for 4, and so you have four muscles making up the group, namely: Rectus femoris Vastus medialis Vastus lateralis Vastus intermedius. These … Continue reading

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Massage Therapy – Things I have Learnt.

The body is complex. I would counsel anyone who is currently undergoing treatment to be suspicious if all that is being treated is the area that is painful. There is normally a line or train of tight muscles that cause … Continue reading

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Know your muscles – Hamstrings.

Where are your hamstrings, and what do they do? Your hamstrings are found on the back of the upper leg. They are used to pull your foot toward your gluteus maximus, or ‘butt’, in easier to understand terms. They cross … Continue reading

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