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Diabetes and Hyperbaric Therapy.

Diabetes is on the rise worldwide. It is a side effect of both our lifestyles and dietary habits. Diabetes is said to be a silent killer, in that you can have it without knowing – it can take years before … Continue reading

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Hyperbaric Chamber.

We have introduced a mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber to what we now offer you at SBR Sport. What is Hyperbaric Therapy? Hyperbaric therapy consists of a person breathing high doses of oxygen in a hyperbaric or pressurized environment. By breathing … Continue reading

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Sitting is the New Smoking.

A number of years ago, the quest was on to design the perfect office chair. This gave rise to massive amounts of research going into finding how best to support the butt and back as people sit. The dream was … Continue reading

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Running and Blisters

Captain Haddock of Tintin fame might have shouted, “Blistering Barnacles!”, but we have come across a number of runners who have shouted out, “Blistering blisters!”. The small ones can cause a bit of discomfort, the big ones, however, can destroy … Continue reading

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It’s ok to greet each other.

I am involved in all three triathlon sports, namely: swim, bike & run. As a runner and cyclist I regularly see other people on the road as they train. I started running in the 80’s and it was drummed into us as … Continue reading

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