Four Steps to a New Habit.

So: You want to change an aspect of your life. I fully believe that the change that you want is only possible through changing your habits. Here are four steps to a new habit.

Rich Roll, one of my favorite athletes posted the following on Instagram the other day. This is what he wrote, “PATIENCE. PERSISTENCE. PERSEVERANCE. Our on demand culture is fueling entitlement. From drone delivery to overnight six-pack abs, we want what we want and we want it now. Lost is an appreciation for craft. For hard work. For the long haul. But that journey — and all the obstacles, struggle and setbacks that come with it — shouldn’t be avoided. And it shouldn’t just be tolerated. It should be welcomed with all the enthusiasm you can muster. Because love of process is everything. Without it, you simply will not reach your potential. Period.”

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Four steps to a new habit

How does the process of change work?

1. Awareness.
You need to notice something before you can move toward it. This is the basis of advertising. This is why word of mouth recommendations work so well. If we think of this in sporting terms, you might have seen a post from a friend showing off their medal at the end of a race.

2. Next up comes the imagination.
Imagination is simply the brain’s process of allowing an image to sink into the mind so that you move past observation to actual desire. A shot of dopamine is released which makes you feel good about trying to obtain or achieve what you have just looked at. So, you see an image of a cup of coffee, or maybe, as I write this, your brain has just conjured its own image. This image has changed your brain chemistry, you associate a pleasant feeling toward the coffee. Now, suddenly, you actually want a cup of coffee.

With sport the same thing takes place. You see an image of a medal, or a friend meets you and is looking more lean and healthy than before. They tell you that they have started some sporting discipline. At this point, you become aware – stage 1. To move from stage 1 to stage 2 you need to imagine yourself in that position. This is way easier if you are in a positive frame of mind.

3. Action.
You go out and buy some coffee. Or, better still, you put your kit on and go for a short run, ride, swim – whatever it is that you have chosen. Make it easy enough to be fun. Don’t try to run four kilometers or swim 20 lengths. Go for a 500 m walk, a 1 km easy jog with walk breaks in between and close that off with a 500 m walk. Or, swim 2 lengths, take a break then swim another – and continue. Re read Rich Roll’s passage at this point – Patience, Persistence, Perseverance.

4. Reward.
Now the real fun starts, reward yourself. I keep a diary, and one of the most satisfying things I do each day is to write down the training that I did that morning. It takes 30 seconds of my time, however, those few satisfying seconds help set my day up for me.
Maybe you want to lose a bit of weight. Don’t go on a crash diet. Remember that list – Patience, Persistence, Perseverance. Write down your current weight next to your exercise diary. Get some dietary advice and then score each day with 1, 2 or 3 stars. 1 = I messed up a few times today. 2 = I kinda stuck to my diet, 3 = I smashed today.

Remember, your successes won’t be linear, there will be setbacks. However, you are bigger than them. You have got past buying magazines that promise a six pack in three weeks. You are in the process and results will come. The basics of evolution is as follows: Grow or die. This is your evolution- your moment.

Hope this helps.

Mike Roscoe.
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