Brooks Ghost 10 Shoe Review.

The Brooks Ghost 10 has just landed. This is a video review of the shoe. It’s 4 min 47 long.

We have them in stock at R 2400.

Give us a call, we can always film you on the treadmill to check if this is the right shoe for you. Have a look at – How to buy shoes from us. 


Mike Roscoe.

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SBR Sport specialises in Swimming, Biking and Running. On the medical side we are able to do intensive bike setups, leg assessments and soft tissue release. Follow us on twitter - and/or facebook -
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4 Responses to Brooks Ghost 10 Shoe Review.

  1. Rod Martin says:

    Hi Mike,

    Many thanks for a great review of the Ghost 10. You recently fitted me out with Brooks Launch 4. Is there a major difference between these shoes, apart from the slight price difference? Would I be able to move between these shoes without any difference?

    Many thanks,

    • sbrsport says:

      Hi Rod,
      The Launch is slightly more stable and slightly lighter. You should be able to move between the two. We can always pop you on the treadmill to check.

  2. esheetz152017 says:

    Hey Mike,
    Tried commenting on the gluteus mediums article, however, I couldn’t find anywhere to add my comment.

    I’ve noticed that when I’m at full flexion of my hip and I go to shoot up or back (like with a close stance squat or rowing machine) that my right leg hesitates and my knee will split out laterally and I’ll use my back instead of my legs. Do you think that’s a gluteus medius issue? Or an adductor issue since I can’t keep my legs aligned in the middle?

    • sbrsport says:

      It sounds like it is a mix of both. However it is really difficult to say without seeing you.

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