Hyperbaric Therapy and Stroke Recovery.

A stroke is caused by an interruption of blood supply to a section of the brain. This interruption of blood supply normally occurs due to either a blood clot obstructing the flow of blood or, due to the rupturing of a blood vessel in the brain. Brain tissue downstream from the event get starved of oxygen and nutrients, hence the damage and death of cells in the vicinity. 

Risk factors include smoking, high levels of cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes. A previous stroke can also be a warning of more strokes to come. The effects of a stroke, both for the patient and their loved ones is often both emotionally and financially draining.

First signs of a stroke include:
– Weakness in an arm or leg, or both – this takes place on one side of the body.
– Dizziness.
– Confusion.
– Headache.
– Visual disturbances.
– Slurred speech.

-Other sensory or motor impairment.

This obviously constitutes a very serious medical emergency and the person needs to get to an emergency department as soon as possible, as getting treatment within the first three hours of the onset of the event is crucial.

The cells closest to the blockage or bleed will unfortunately die. However, cells in the nearby vicinity will pick up limited blood. This area, where cells are no longer function at their optional levels is called the ischemic penumbra. This area can benefit from mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
hyberbaric therapy and stroke recovery
So, if brain damage occurs due to a lack of oxygen, then, it stands to reason that upping oxygen levels in the blood stream is a good idea.
A study done in 2013 by a group of Israeli doctors showed positive results from hyperbaric oxygen therapy in neurological function, cognitive function, quality of life and brain blood flow in nearly all patients. 74 patients were treated over 40 sessions.
The control group- those who did not receive any form of oxygen therapy – showed no improvements.

It is worth reading the following articles for more information.



These and many other studies can be summarized as follows, hyperbaric therapy cannot offer guarantees, but, it certainly offers hope.

We use mild hyperbaric chambers. Air pressure is taken up to 1.4 ATM and patients breathe in 90% pure oxygen. Hyperbaric therapy should always be used as an add on to conventional treatments.

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This program is run by Brigette Roscoe – BSc (Hons) Nursing.

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