Raidlight Trail Running.

We now stock Raidlight products.
Phone if necessary to check regarding stock availability – 011 024 2969.

Products in stock:

Performer Top XP Ladies.          R 1250
raidlight performer top

Trail Raider Skort.          R 1175

Stretch Raider Short Lady.         R 1000

Ultra Vest OLMO 5L.           R 1650

Ultra Vest Olmo 12L.

Ultra Vest Olmo 30L.         R 2975.

Ultra Front Pack.        R 825

Vest Responsive 3L Lady + 2 soft flasks 350ml.

Vest Responsive 3L + 2 soft flasks 350ml.

Responsiv 10L + 2x600ml bottles.     R2795
Responsiv 10L Lady + 2x600ml bottles.     R2795

Lazerdry Belt.     R 1325
Lazerdry Belt Lady.      R1325
Trail XP 2/4 Lady.      R 1650.
Trail XP 2/4.      R 1650.

Bladder 1.5/2.5.       R675

Easy Flask 350ml/600ml.         R275
Press to drink bottle 600ml.        R 250
2 Flasks Kit – 300ml.        R 175.
Ultralight Windproof Lady Jacket.     R 1500.

Ultralight Windproof Jacket.     R 1500.

What makes Raidlight so special?

Raidlight is the pioneer Trail-Running brand. It was founded in 1999 by Benoit Laval, an avid runner who ran up over 100 Trails on all continents and selected Team France Trail-running in 2010.

With a team of 55 employees with a passion for Outdoor, perched at 1000 meters altitude in the heart of the Massif de Chartreuse, Raidlight continues to develop their products for trail-runners.

About sbrsport

SBR Sport specialises in Swimming, Biking and Running. On the medical side we are able to do intensive bike setups, leg assessments and soft tissue release. Follow us on twitter - and/or facebook -
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