Learning to Move and Play.

It’s Rugby World Cup time again, and two things come to mind:

1- A lot of my friends suddenly become armchair experts, and use Facebook as their prefered medium to publish their wise observations.
2- A quote that forms the basis of this blog: “Rugby is a game played by 30 men in desperate need of rest, and watched by 60 000 people in desperate need of exercise.”

I had the privilege of doing a bike setup the other day for a woman who studied physiotherapy, then went on to study medicine, and then specialised as an anaesthetist. We chatted about what she was seeing in operating rooms. So much of what she was seeing had to do with bad lifestyle choices. During our chat she told me about a discussion she had with someone who had let their weight increase to the point where they could no longer climb up stairs. Her advice: Then at least walk down the stairs – any movement is better than no movement.

You might have picked up by now that I am passionate about exercise. I love swimming, cycling and running. I think that most of us don’t move enough. The computer/IT revolution, and our love for all things automobile, has ensured that sitting has become a favorite pastime.

fitness isnt

I am really hoping that this blog leads to an adjustment in people’s thinking.
Go to a playground and you will observe two things.  Firstly, kids climbing, sprinting, rolling, jumping and having a lot of fun. Secondly,  you will generally see their parents sitting and talking. Something switches in people’s brains as they grow older. We get more serious and forget how to play and how to move.
kids play

So, in an ever increasingly sedentary world, we say well done to those who: swim, bike run, play, climb trees, use the stairs, play with kids, do cross fit, dance, do yoga, do pilates. All the research shows that you are on the right track. Go ahead, book a race, feel the pressure, train, move and get fit, sit less, move more.

You can find fitness anywhere.


Mike Roscoe.
Mike Roscoe

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