14 Excuses for you not to get Fit.

Here is a look at some of the excuses people use to not get fit.

I don’t understand enough about the sport.

Hey, I have written over 220 articles on things Swim-Bike-Run. You will find a lot of info on this blog. Failing that, google your question, or send me the question. I will do my best to answer it, or to find someone else who can help.

I might pick up an injury.

Give us a call, we do runners leg assessments, bike setups and myofascial release. We exist to help you move without pain.

I don’t have the money.

This gets a bit more tricky. Leave out cycling and swimming. Cycling equipment is expensive and swimming requires you to take out a gym membership. Running is the best option. A good pair of running shoes are expensive, but it is worth the investment.  Don’t skimp on shoes. An injury caused by wearing the incorrect shoes can be a lot more expensive. Also, runners at this point don’t have to pay toll fees.

14 excuses to not get fit

I am scared of starting.

No room for fear. Just get going. All advance has an element of fear and risk involved. Your body was designed to move. You need to get out there.

It will be too hard.

Anything worth doing is hard. Learning to walk was perhaps one of the most difficult things you were ever faced with and you pulled that one off. You can do this.

I am afraid of what my friends and family might say if I start an exercise program.

Your real friends will encourage you. Stuff the rest. You will shut the critics up when you post your first medal on Facebook or Instagram.

“Better to be safe than sorry” – Isn’t that a good life motto?

No. Imagine that you knew that you were going to die tomorrow and you start to look back on your life. Two things will stick out in your memory: the times when you showed love, and the risks you took. Trust me, you will not be looking fondly at the gold watch presented to you for your 40 years of service at the same company.

I have never done anything like a ______ before. (Put the word, Midmar – 94.7 Cycle Challenge – Marathon) in the gap.

Just like you never went to school before your first day. You did a number of things for the first time like: peed in the loo, brushed your teeth, drove a car, had your first kiss…

My family will miss time with me.

Maybe your exercise time will increase your lifespan, which in turn will give your family a bit more time with you. This is not golf that we are talking about. You can increase fitness during a 45 minute run.

My disability won’t let me.

I have had the privilege of swimming the Midmar Mile with Craig Deitz. Craig has no legs or arms. excuses craig

One of my friends, Pieter Du Preez is a C6 quadriplegic. He has the use of just 15% of his muscles. He has completed two full Ironman races among many other ‘impossible’ achievements. Below is a picture of Pieter and myself crossing the line at Trirock 70.3 in Durban.

supapiet line

I will start exercising in a few months.

No, you won’t. It is now or never.  You say that you can’t commit right now. Ok. So when can you commit? Let’s get your diary out and pick a date.

I went for a __________(insert: swim /bike /run) and everything hurt.

Try again. You will get better.

It’s too selfish.

Well, if you feel that you don’t deserve extra energy and a sense of achievement, then, ok.

What about when people in their cars watch me as I run?

Why not watch them. They are the ones trapped, not you.

In Summary :

Overcome your obstacles, or make excuses; it’s as simple as that.
So, do something, anything. Take action.
Only you can you slay the dragon.
Every day is a choice.
Get moving.
Be great.

See you on the road,

Mike Roscoe.
Mike Roscoe

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