Questions about running that you were too embarrassed to ask.

Why does my skin start itching when I run?

As you run your body will get to the point where it needs to cool down. To do so it will increase blood flow to your capillaries in the skin. A number of these will be dormant, and blood flowing into them will cause them to swell and irritate nerve endings in the area. The good news is that you are not coming down with a major rash- well, hopefully not. The condition will get better over time.

Sore Nipples.

Women wearing bras are generally exempt from these, but talk to a group of male runners and watch their faces contort in pain as they remember their last painful run. One of our customers had to replace his running vest because he could no longer wash the blood out of the material. Squirming yet?
So, if you hear a group of men chatting about their sensitive nipples, understand that they really are experiencing pain.
Guys, shave a bit of hair off from around your nipples and stick a plaster on them before a run.

Burning Muscles.

As you run, ride or swim your legs or arms (for swimmers) might start to burn. Don’t be overly concerned. This is caused by a buildup of lactic acid. Your muscles are sending a message to your brain in order to report how hard they are working. Back off on the speed, maybe as a runner even walk a bit, and things will settle. As you get fitter your legs and arms will burn less, and you will get stronger and stronger.

My nose runs – like the whole time.

This is an allergic response. Your nose is telling you that it is not appreciating the pollens, dust and maybe even the cold air getting into it. Here are a few things to do.
1. Go out with a few spare tissues.
2. Pinch your one nostril and exhale. That will help clear the schnoz. Just make sure that no one is trying to overtake you on the side that you are planning to evacuate. Your fellow cyclist/runner will not appreciate having a greenie land on their thigh.
3. Try swimming. No one will know if its water or mucus running out of your nose when you stop at the side.
4. Maybe chat to your Doctor or Pharmacist in order to get a nose spray that will desensitize your nasal mucosa.

Side Stitches. side stitch 1

You are happily running along and suddenly it feels as if someone has just stuck a knife in your side.
1. Look at your side, there is always that small chance that someone has actually stuck a blade in your side.
2. Slow down, try regulate your breathing and reassure yourself that this too shall pass. In the past we blamed a lack of sodium and potassium in your body for this. Athletes started to look like walking pharmacies in their desperate bid to up these vital chemicals, but alas the side stitches continued.
Current thinking goes as follows:
1. Running strains a ligament that connects your diaphragm to your abdominal muscles. The thinking is that the ligament gets upset with you and thus causes the pain.
2. There is also a theory that they can be caused by a lack of calcium. So, for what its worth, up your calcium and see if that helps.

Burps and Baffs.

Let’s first deal with gas shooting out from the top. When you run, your body sends less blood to your internal organs such as your stomach, and more blood to your muscles. This impedes digestion. Delayed digestion can cause a buildup of gas in the stomach that will want to make its way out.
People at times also swallow air while trying to drink or eat on the run. This too will insist on working its way up or down.
So, release the burp, get over yourself and run on.

Baffs on the run.

These come in different forms; you get the Harley Davidson thump and the very embarrassing squeak. fart run

Here are a few reasons:
Firstly, watch what you eat the night before a run. Too much roughage and you are asking for trouble.
Secondly, appreciate that you can swallow air when running, especially when you eat or drink. That gas has to go somewhere.
Thirdly, running shakes things around, including your intestines.


If a bit of gas does leak out be grateful that you are not indoors on a treadmill,  unless, of course, you are indoors on a treadmill. If you are indoors look at the person running next to you and shake your head vigorously.

If you are running outdoors with a friend, wait for a car or truck to go past. Hopefully your baff will not be louder than their exhaust.

If in a group of runners, drop to the back of the squad before releasing your gas. If it is a windy day, make sure the wind is not blowing from behind you.

If you have been running with a partner for awhile it might be time to pop one out and apologize. If they don’t look too shocked, you have just taken your relationship to a way more honest level.

Remember to smile when you release your baff. After all, both are good for you.


Mike Roscoe.
Mike Roscoe

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