Winter does not mean that you should stop training.

Yes, our winters do get a bit cold, but compared with some northern hemisphere countries, we enjoy really mild winters. Despite this, a lot of athletes go into hibernation over winter. This blog is aimed at encouraging you to train through winter.


Some good reasons to keep going.

  1. You don’t want your weight to fluctuate wildly during the year. Keeping your weight steady is one of the keys to good health.
  2. Athletes who stop in winter often end up getting injured in the spring when they start up again. There are two main reasons why athletes get injured. Firstly, a number of athletes try to pick up mileage too quickly. This is always a recipe for disaster. Secondly, inactivity over winter will allow core muscles to become weaker and thus predispose you to injury.
  3. Physical activity is way of warding off depression- I wrote a blog on this. (You can read it here –
  4. You are reading this blog because you are an adventurer at heart. That’s one of the reasons why you swim, bike and run. Refuse to settle for the norm just because its winter. You were not wired to be able to cope with waking, dressing, getting stuck in traffic, answering emails, getting stuck in traffic, watching TV and then going to bed. Get that early morning or late afternoon run in. Get outside, have a look at the trees, people, houses. Don’t starve yourself of adventure just because it’s winter.

How to keep going.

So, the good news is that you are not expected to do anything as crazy as when Lewis Pugh was doing his North pole swims. The following suggestions are a little bit more genteel.  winter training lewis pugh

  1. Decide what you are going to do this winter. Swim? Bike? Run? A mix of them?
  2. You need to go to bed at night with a firm decision to exercise the next day. Take your clothes out the night before, set your alarm, decide to do it.
  3. Purchase some warmer kit. It really is not rocket science. Pop in and we will give you some ideas as to how to stay warm out there.
  4. Make sure that people can see you. Visibility is all important if you want to train in winter.
  5. There are some companies who have shower facilities on site. If so, you can always use your lunch hour to go for a run.
  6. Weigh yourself daily. Digging your head in the sand and pretending that you are not picking up weigh is counterproductive. Use your scale as a motivator to get out.
  7. Appreciate the change of seasons. One of my favourite things is to be out on my mountain bike in the middle of winter. The starkness of the terrain is just wonderful.
  8. Find a friend who wants to push through winter and meet up with them. It’s a lot easier getting out the door when someone is waiting for you.
  9. Athletes with conditions such as Asthma might need to up their meds in order to bullet proof themselves. Have a chat to your Doctor.

To my against the grain, adventuresome and crazy friends, I wish you lots of warm winter fun.


Mike Roscoe.

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