Asics Trabuco Trail Shoe Review.

Asics have an incredible history of manufacturing some of the best running shoes ever.trabuco run

In this review I want to look at their Trabuco running shoe.

The Basics:

–          This is an off road/trail running shoe.

–          It has incredible grip.

–          It has a gel cup under the heel area to dissipate shock.

–          It has a small pocket at the top of the tongue so that you can tuck your shoe laces away, and therefore protect them from being snagged on twigs and branches.

A Bit more technical:

This is a robust, strong, shoe that is designed for serious trails. The shoe has a cushioned heel and forefoot and should thus keep you comfortable on long runs.

The upper (that’s the part that wraps around the foot),  is made from a breathable and trabuco shoemoisture wicking mesh that will comply to the shape of your foot and thus not stress the foot.

The shoe has three flex grooves at the forefoot. These are strategically placed to optimize both natural foot flex whilst still keeping grip.

A Rock Protection Plate is provided which is essential for protecting your foot on rugged and rocky surfaces.

Reverse fitted lugs will provide both uphill and downhill traction. Lateral or sideways forces are countered with the layer above the lugs softening and allowing the lug maximal grip.

The sockliner has been designed to allow moisture to move through it. Moisture is then expelled through the sides of the shoe, thus keeping the foot as dry as possible and minimizing risk of blisters.

The shoe has excellent arch support which I have found lacking in many trail shoes. The navicular bone is properly supported and so the shoe should not put you at risk from shin splints.

There is a 9mm drop from heel to toe.


Runners who have enjoyed Asics Nimbus, and their GT range, will feel immediately at home in the shoe. Pop in and get a pair fitted. We will put you on the treadmill if you want, and film you as you run. This will allow us to make sure that this is the right shoe for you.



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