Wolff’s law and coming out of winter hibernation.

It’s getting warmer here in the Southern hemisphere. With that a number of athletes are going to suddenly start training again. The sudden increase in training is going to inevitably produce a dramatic increase in injuries.

Wolff’s Law shows that when a bone is placed under load, such as through running, it will blog wolff law eventually grow stronger through remodelling. That’s good news for those who have trained throughout winter. However it is not good news for those who have taken a protracted break.

Examples of Wolff’s law in action can be found in tennis players whose bones become much stronger in their racquet holding arm. Astronauts who spend a long time in space will often return to Earth with weaker bones, since gravity has been greatly diminished and therefore has exerted little force on their bodies. Although the law specifically deals with bone strength, the same principles apply with muscles.

Winter hibernators are going to find that that the first run will leave them with all sorts of aches and pains. That’s your body’s way of telling you that your muscles have gotten weaker and need to be polar_bear_hibernatingstrengthened again. Not only have your muscles wakened but your bones have become less dense and therefore weaker.

Please increase mileage slowly. A number of exercise specialists believe that you should not increase your running distances by more than 10% per week. This is good advice. You will quickly and safely increase your distances run and will hopefully avoid injury.

One of our goals is to have you running injury free and enjoying all the challenges you have set for yourself this summer.


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