Some of the more ‘Gifted’ questions asked in 2012.

i-found-this-humerusWe get asked a few thousand questions every year about swimming, cycling, running and the sport of triathlon as a whole. We always do our best to answer these questions. However, every now and then a question catches you. Here are some of our favourites from 2012.

Do you sell pens?  This was asked on three occasions this year, we have no idea why!

Do you sell hockey sticks? We replied that we did not.

Do you sell Cricket bats? After explaining that we did not the customer went on to ask if we sold cricket bags.

Do you sell tennis balls? No, we replied.

Do you sell Ping-Pong balls? This was asked on three occasions. There seems to be resurgence in Ping-Pong, which is very encouraging.

Is this a winter riding suit (Pointing to a wetsuit)? I was tempted to go for the sale but feared that the customer would expire from heat exhaustion.

How fast does this bicycle go? This one had me a bit stumped. The eventual answer was that it would go as fast as your legs would ride it.

Do you cut keys? No, we replied. I am still not sure how people expect a shop that has Swim, Bike, Run displayed all over the place to cut keys.

Do you sell wheels for an outdoor lounger? No, we replied.

Do you sell cell phone chargers? No we replied, we are a triathlon shop.

Is this the German shop? The previous shop stocked a variety of German goods.

Where are these Cu-bay bikes from? (Pointing to a Cube.) The customer managed to put a bit of a French curve on the word Cube.

Will this bike make me lose weight? No, I replied, you would need to eat less and ride the bike. I never got that sale.

Do you sell tri-suits for dogs? He lies in the sun and gets burnt? I can’t remember how we answered that one; in fact I can’t really remember much that happened after that at all.

Here is to a wonderful 2013 and to a few more thousand questions asked about the sport that we love so much. We promise to keep you posted when the clangers come our way.

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