Felt B16 and B12 Review.

Felt has undoubtedly two of the best quality and best priced time trial bikes on the market at present. Here are some of my impressions.

Felt B 16          Felt b 16 2013_B16_Sml

The Felt B 16 sells for well under R 16 999.00  It is a carbon fibre bike that boasts of Felt’s inside out construction. This means that the Carbon is constructed and baked from the inside out making it an incredibly stiff bike. It’s shortened chain stay also means that power from the crank goes straight through to the back wheel.

The bike comes with Ultegra front and rear derailleurs and a FSA crank. The handlebar is more tubular in shape than the B12, which boasts a more aero type setup.

The bike comes with 30mm deep dish aluminium rims.

The B 16 also comes out in a woman’s specific model. Key changes include a woman’s specific seat.

This bike will give you a massive edge and will easily tackle all 180 km’s required of it in full Ironman.

Felt B 12felt b12 tt 2013

The Felt B12 has a recommended retail price of R 25 299.00, although we have dropped the price of the bike. It has a number of improved features on the B 16.

The bike comes with Ultegra front and rear derailleurs. It also sports a FSA crank. The crank however is a hollow crank.

The bike has 38mm deep dish rims with bladed spokes. The gear change mechanism is just magic. The vision metron changers are without doubt the best changing mechanism you can get unless you go electrical. The electrical Di2 systems will only feature in bikes that cost in the 70k zone and up.

The bike has a very comfortable Prologo saddle.

Felt have taken great care to chunk up both the bottom bracket bearing and head tube areas thus increasing stiffness and therefore making the bike a brilliant hill climbing bike.

Bike setup.

The bike has a number of features that makes it particularly easy to set up.

The seat is easy to adjust fore and aft and you can also angle the nose in a few easy steps for rider comfort.

The tribars on all bikes reviewed are also really easy to set. Three spacers are provided so that you can get the cyclist’s torso into a comfortable position. People with lower back issues will almost certainly benefit from using all three spacers. There is also enough space on the base bar to get the cyclists shoulder angle right.

For more on time trial bike setup go to http://sbrsport.me/2012/06/25/bike-frame-geometry-what-happens-when-you-ride-a-time-trial-bike/

The rear brakes are positioned near the bottom bracket bearing on both bikes. This helps reduce drag.

Hope this helps in your choice of the right TT bike.

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