Inspiration from “What the Dog Saw”.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, What The Dog Saw, he describes two different life views.

1) Those that want to win today at all cost, even if it means losing all later. This type of person is willing to win on 364 consecutive days knowing that there is a chance of losing it all on day 365.

2) Those who are willing to fail 364 days of the year, knowing that on day 365 they will succeed beyond all expectations. The realization here is that hours of struggle will pay off and that the win will be worth it.
Adding to this example, Gladwell explains his view of what he calls the 1% mindset.

People with the 1% mindset understand the following:
– Patience is the key to reaching the higher level.
– Pain is to be expected, results will not come easily.
– Success is not about money, status or fame. Rather, success is all about getting yourself to the next level.
– Getting to the next level will cause pain; however that pain will bring growth about.
– The 1% don’t have a clear road map. They understand that they will constantly need to adapt to an ever changing playing field. There is however an unwavering confidence that despite evidence they will make it. It is this level of faith that drives them forward.
– There is an understanding that this will possibly take weeks, months and even years.

The lessons here apply both to your career and your sporting goals. People involved in endurance sport walk into a world where the lessons contained in Gladwell’s book are played out. Most enter the sport knowing that they want to either do well or complete a major race. The distances for a major race range from anywhere between 10k’s for some, to Comrades for others. With this in mind they start a process of adaption, learning and pain. This played out day by day will eventually lead to the medal they are looking for. These lessons can be taken across to the business world to great effect.

Endurance sport teaches one thing, you will have ups and downs; the important thing is to keep moving. Those in business can gain from the character wrought in difficult times experienced in endurance sport. Winston Churchill summarized it best, “If you’re going through hell, keep going”.


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  1. Sean McArthur says:

    I really like this Mike and agree 100%, when we learn to be patient and apply it, quality of life goes up by miles.

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