Why you should run a half marathon.

It’s time to set some new running goals. Running a half marathon is a good goal to set.

Here are some reasons –

1. Running is a relatively easy sport to get into. You will have an initial outlay as far as getting a good pair of running shoes is concerned. After that it gets quite simple because you own the roads. We specialize in getting people into the right shoes. http://sbrsport.me/2012/06/09/understanding-your-running-shoe/

2. You will lose weight. We have customers who have gone through amazing body transformations!

3. Running will increase your overall energy levels. Most people think that endurance sport will sap energy levels, the opposite however is true. This will have an impact on your effectiveness both at home and at work.

4. There will be moments on your longer runs where you will want to give up. However as you push through those moments you will get a second wind. That indomitable spirit will help you push through in all areas of life.

5. We live in a passive age where things like cars, escalators and the internet have made us physically inactive. Why not become a role model to your family and friends. It’s time for you to lead the way and help turn a passive generation into an active one.

6. You will be better equipped to deal with stress. Stress produces Adrenalin. Your body needs to be active to deplete itself of Adrenalin. However most people have no effective way of getting rid of the chemical. Running will help you restore calm in your life.

7. If you have never run 21.1 Km’s before, this will be a huge but doable goal. You will need to build up slowly to the distance but that is part of the fun.

8. You will gain a huge shot of confidence in yourself as you cross the finish line and receive your very well deserved medal.

Give us a call. We are here to help get you into the right shoes, help with advice and also help you get over injury niggles.


Mike Roscoe.
Mike Roscoe

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4 Responses to Why you should run a half marathon.

  1. hemingwayrun says:

    Excellent pointers!

  2. Dan Parker says:

    Looking at doing the 2 oceans half marathon next year. Never been a runner before, but after doing the 10km run jozi with relative ease, i decided to actually train and make a half marathon the next goal. Looking forward to it!

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