Triathlon Questions.

Triathlon Questions.


  • Should I wear a wetsuit?
    Generally for Sea Swims, Yes. A wet suit will also help keep you warm in cold water.  
  • Do I have to wear the swim cap?
    Yes. The colour provided to each triathlete is specific to your wave.
  • What strokes can I use for the swim portion?
    Any stroke is allowed; most people use the freestyle stroke.
  • What can I do to improve my swimming technique?
    Proper swim technique will allow you to swim faster while expending less energy.
    By being more efficient you can save more energy for the later portions of a triathlon. Swim technique is a learned skill that you have to practice throughout      your swim training.
  • Will I feel nervous before the Swim?
    Yes. Generally the swim is the discipline that most beginners fear.
    Start to the side to prevent bunching and hang in there.
    If you breathe to the right, start on the left hand side, that will enable you to keep an eye on the field and the direction that they are going in. The straighter you swim the better.
    Before you know it you will settle into your rhythm and you will be exiting the water.


  • What is the difference between Triathlon bikes and regular road bikes?      
    Triathlon bikes are designed with a different geometry than road bikes.
    Triathlon bikes are more forward in their seat tubes (between 75-78 degrees) and are set up lower in the front end to provide a time trial      position.
    A steeper seat tube angle emphasizes the quads more to save the use of your run muscles so that you have more get up and go when you start
    the run portion of a triathlon.Regular road bikes have a slacker seat tube angle, from 72-74 degrees, and are set up for all-purpose riding.
    They are designed to corner, climb, and sprint well. The road bike position is more upright and less aerodynamic than a time trial position.
    A road bike position uses all of the leg muscles to provide as much power to the bike as possible.
  • How do I find the right position for me on my bike?
    The right position can be found by knowing your bike fit measurements.
    To be fitted for a bike, it’s best to go to a bike shop near you that specializes in fitting.
    Let them know what type of events you’ll be competing in and they will be able to give you your measurements for a proper fit.


  • How do I prevent a side stitch while running?
    Make sure that you are properly hydrated before you start the race, and stay hydrated  through the race. A sports drink or water with a 7 percent carbohydrate solution is good.
    Also, be sure to stretch well before and after the race.
  • Will my legs feel strange at the beginning of the run?
    Yes, your legs have managed to get into a cycling rhythm and are now asked to do something very different. Don’t panic. Run slowly for a few minutes, in no time at all your legs will get into the ‘swing’ on things.


  • What is bonking?
    This is a term used to describe the feeling of running out of energy.  All of the body’s glycogen reserves are depleted.
    The best way to avoid this is to eat often. You can also keep sports drinks and bars handy.
  • How often should I be eat and drink while training? You should be eating a well-balanced diet to ensure that the body has enough fuel, and drinking about 100ml of      water every 15 minutes while you are exercising.


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