What Equipment will I need for a Triathlon?

What equipment will I need in order to do a Triathlon?

•Swimsuit – pref Tri Suit.
•Goggle anti-fog drops
•Towels (sit on in transition area, dry off, wipe feet)
•Swim cap
•Petroleum jelly (crotch, nipples, underarms)

•Bike Shoes
•Bike shorts – pref Tri suit
•Bike jersey/singlet – pref Tri suit
•Cycling glasses
•Water bottles
•Spare tires/tubes
•CO2 cartridges
•Tool kit
•Floor pump

•Running shoes
•Shorts – pref Tri suit
•Singlet – pref Tri suit

•Race number(s) placed on a race belt.
•Race information
•Writing instrument
•Money/credit card
•Fluid replacement drink
•Energy food
•Warmer clothes (tights, jacket,helmet cover, etc.)
•Extra safety pins
•Heart rate monitor
•A group of loud and proud supporters.

Wish you all the best as you take on the challenge of a Triathlon. Remember to leave a little something in the tank so that you can cross the finish line in a blaze of glory.

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