The Healthy Athlete.

In his book on endurance fitness entitled, “The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing”, Dr Phil Maffetone speaks of the ‘unhealthy athlete’. A number of things can go wrong with athletes. Some of these include:

a) The danger of eating the wrong food. Just because you exercise regularly does not imply that your cholesterol profile is under control.

b) Anaemia. Runners in particular run the risk of becoming anaemic. This is due to red blood cells being crushed as the runner’s heel repeatedly strikes the ground.

c) It is possible to overtrain.  Overtraining can result in a number of spinoffs that negatively impact health.  Overtraining can impact the athlete both physically and psychologically.

d) Some runners manage to take on more calories than they burn off via exercise. For all your hard work you might still be struggling with weight issues.

e) Sports such as running and cycling can induce Asthma in those prone to it.

Reasons for exercising and doing endurance sports vary. However we should all be doing what we do in order to improve our health and not to put ourselves at greater risk.

With this in mind SBR Sport has just started a brand new venture in order to better serve the athletic community. The venture is called AMP which stands for Athlete Monitoring Programme. The programme works as follows:

Athletes are assessed twice per month for a number of vital medical and psychological indicators that give them a view of how their training is impacting them.

Tests include pulse, blood pressure, heart rate, haemoglobin, blood sugar, cholesterol, weight, fat percentage, hydration, peak flow and psychological indicators

These measurements are recorded in graph form on a personalized secure web page.

The purpose of AMP includes the following:

1)      It will be of encouragement to athletes who can see evidence of their fitness increasing.

2)      It will give pointers to the athlete should something be going wrong with their health. For instance, a number of runners suffer from anaemia due to the stresses of the sport.

3)      It will help athletes know if they are overtraining, and so cut back on their training and include more recovery time.

4)      It will provide the athlete’s Doctor with a history of health over a period of time should he/she need extra medical intervention.

Anyone is welcome to join, from those just starting out to top athletes.

You as an athlete are only as good as your health.

Go to when you get a chance.

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