Winter Training.

Winter has hit and it has become a bit more difficult to get out and train.
It is however vital that you continue to train through winter for the following reasons:

1. You will quickly lose the fitness and strength you gained during summer.

2. People who train though winter head into summer with a better base line fitness level.

3. The more you train in winter, the less you have to ‘up’ your training in summer, which , in turn, lessens your chance of injury.

4. You want to avoid your weight from going into a yo-yo cycle, down in summer and up in winter.

With this in mind I want to look at a few pros and cons of hitting the treadmill;

1. You run indoors and thus in a warmer environment, and so reduce stress on your muscles and joints.

2. A warmer environment is kinder on your sinuses and chest.

3. You are able to run through the worst of winter.

4. Being in a gym environment means that you can spend a bit more time doing weight training.

5. If your treadmill has a TV screen you get to watch VH1 or the news.

1. If your treadmill has a TV screen you get to watch VH1 or the news.

2. Gyms can be germy places. Make sure you wash your hands and avoid touching your face.

3. The treadmill pulls back on your hip flexors and can make them really tight.

4. The treadmill negates the need for you to fire up your glutes. This means that you get stronger in the quads and weaker in the hamstrings and glute muscles.

5. The points mentioned in the previous passage can lead to an imbalance within the hip girdle and can lead to back pain.

What to do with the list of Cons.

1. Run outside as often as weather allows.

2. Set your treadmill incline to at least 1 degree. This will encourage your glutes and hamstrings to fire a bit better.

Remember, it’s far better that you keep exercising through winter. Do whatever it takes to keep moving!



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