A little bit about SBR Sport

Here is a look at what we do as a shop.

 1) We are a multisport retail shop.
That means that we stock equipment for swimming, biking and running. We are able to cater for people doing one or more of the disciplines, as well as for people wanting to do all three together in the form of a triathlon.
On the swimming side we stock most of the items needed for both pool and open water swimming.
On the bike side we stock Felt, Giant and Silverback Bikes. We can order any bike from these ranges. There are other bike companies that we can order bikes from should you want to get the bike specifically from us.
On the running side we stock Asics, Brooks, Inov8 and New Balance shoes. We do not stock all of their models, but pick out of the models those shoes which we feel are best for specific needs. Customers are welcome at no charge to hop on the tread mill and be filmed to measure their degree of pronation. This enables us to better advise you as to which shoe to buy.
We also stock nutritional goods from 32GI, Hammer and GU.

2) We do specialist bike setups.
I have studied bike setup for years. In fact I worked through over 500 pages of bike setup and orthopaedic research to get here. This study resulted in an 80 page manual that I wrote. We also developed our own computer program to assist with setups. An average mountain or road bike setup takes about an hour, while a time trial bike set up takes one and half hours.
A setup begins with taking a history and moves on to an injury check-up. We do not take a one size fits all approach to the setup but rather tailor make the setup to what is found medically regarding things such as knee injuries, back strains e.t.c.

3) We do Runners Leg Assessments.
These typically take just over one hour. During this time we take various measurements and also check knees, lower back e.t.c. We put the runner on a treadmill and film 6 different gait aspects. The findings are all summarised on a form with advice regarding stretches, strengthening, supplements and shoes. We have helped hundreds of runners both recover from and avoid injuries.

5) We are able to repair and maintain bicycles.
These are done on site and are all owner tested.

6) All are welcomed into the shop.
You might be at the top of your discipline or just wanting to start out. Please know that you are always welcome to pop in and that we will do our best to look after you.

7) We are able to help with soft tissue release and kinesiology taping.
Give us a call if you need a sport massage or remedial massage. Disciplines include Trigger point release and active release therapy. I am limited as to time but will always try and make a plan.


About sbrsport

SBR Sport specialises in Swimming, Biking and Running. On the medical side we are able to do intensive bike setups, leg assessments and soft tissue release. Follow us on twitter - www.twitter.com/swimbikerunshop and/or facebook - www.facebook.com/sbrsport.
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