Understanding your Running Shoe.

It is critical that you are fitted with the correct running shoe. We at SBR Sport are committed to selling you the right shoe, thus minimising your chance of injury and maximizing the pleasure you get out of running or walking.

There are three types of running shoe.

The following types of running shoes have been created to suit different Arch shapes and Ankle Roll or Pronation patterns in running.

Cushion shoes are the most flexible and encourage natural pronation, with added cushioning and extra shock absorption. These shoes do not have stability or motion control features. Cushions shoes are best for people with a high arch and are also suitable for those with a normal arch.

Stability shoes have light support features on the medial side and well-cushioned midsoles to help guide mild-to-moderate overpronation. Stability shoes are great for feet with a moderately flat arch and for those with a normal arch.

Motion Control shoes incorporate extra stability features on the medial side to help control severe overpronation. Runners with severely flat arches need the extra support and stability of motion control shoes.

Know thy Feet!

Before you buy your next pair of shoes, let us help you identify your foot arch type and running style.  At SBR Sport we have a unique computer programme that will capture video footage of you running and measure the amount of pronation that your foot goes through as it hits the ground.

“We see a lot of injuries resulting from poor shoe choice,” says Dr. Thomas Hecker, D.P.M. “Most people don’t know what type of running shoe is best for their foot.”

So, what is Pronation?

Pronation is the term used to describe the normal motion of the foot rolling slightly inward through the foot strike. Pronation is essential to shock absorption and forward propulsion. It’s when you overpronate or underpronate (supinate) that you need to be careful about the running shoe you choose.

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