947 Cycle Challenge. 11 tips to a quicker race.

  1. Training ideas.

Publishing a training program is out of the scope of this blog. However there are a few things that you should be doing.

947 bridge

– you need to get in a few long rides. For some, a 100 km ride is called a training session. For many, it’s an almost impossible distance. If you are in the second category I would suggest that you get at least a 70 to 75 km training ride in before your big day.

– Johannesburg is hilly. More hilly than you think. Try and find a steepish hill in your area and do repeats up and down on it – the more the better. Try and do some of them in a low gear so that you build leg strength.

  1. Equipment

Make sure that you have the right equipment before your big day.

– Helmet integrity is all important. If you have a crack on your helmet or have damaged the helmet in any way, buy a new good quality one.

– Wear gloves when training. On the off chance that you do take a tumble you will inevitably put your hand out. A layer of cloth between your skin and the road will come in handy.

– Buy a gas bomb and adaptor. Inflating a punctured tyre in a few seconds versus hand pumping a tyre is going to save a lot of time in the event of a puncture.

– Pack good quality tyre levers. Cheap ones tend to snap as you attempt to prise the tyre off the rim. Also pack one or two spare tubes.

3. Cleat debate.

Cleated pedals will increase the speed that you ride at. You are able to put power through the crank for all 360 degrees instead of just pushing down on the pedal. This point does come with a health warning. Some will bring their bikes to a halt and forget to de cleat before stopping. This will provide serious levels of pain for the cyclist and real entertainment for those around.

4. Bike service.

Get your bike serviced as soon as possible. All bike shops will be overwhelmed during the week before the event and the quality of servicing can suffer. Some of the spares suppliers also run short of spares.

5. Slicks.

If you ride a mountain bike I would strongly suggest that you replace your mountain bike tyres with slicks. They are roughly 20% quicker. Again, tyre supplies can run low as we get closer to the race.

6. Bike ideas.

If budget allows, have a look at buying a road bike before the event. Here is a link to Giant’s SCR road bike. It’s a high quality bike that doesn’t cost the earth.

7. Massage.

It is an idea to book a massage or two before the event especially if you have a few tight muscles. Give us a call to book yours. Make sure though that you don’t leave it too late. You definitely don’t want one 3 days before the event.

8. Bike setup.

Make sure that your bike is properly setup. This is the key step in getting more power from your ride and making sure that you are comfortable on the bike. Our diary is filling up so don’t waste time.

947 tired

9. Core work.

Do some stomach crunches and exercises to strengthen your lower back. A weak core will quickly turn into lower back pain on your longer training rides.

10. Hamstring stretch.

Stretch those hamstrings. Here are some ideas.

11. Nutrition.

Now is the time to work on your nutrition. Your body is going to need proper fuel for the event. Experiment now with different brands of nutrition so that your body is not surprised on the day. Do not buy anything new at the expo. A lot of over eager salesmen will promise you miraculous results. Don’t believe them. First rule of racing – don’t try anything new on race day.

Hope your training goes well. I will publish another blog in the next few weeks as to how to approach the race.



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