Review of the Brooks Glycerine 11 Running Shoe.

The new Brooks Glycerin 11 running shoe is out.


–          The shoe is a neutral shoebrooks glycerine 11

–          It has great arch support.

–          It is a well cushioned, every day, distance shoe.

A bit more technical:

The shoe uses Brooks’ DNA cushioning through the length of the midsole. The material provides shock absorption, while not detracting from the shoe’s responsiveness.

The plastic shank that was on the 10 series shoe has been removed. This makes the shoe more neutral than its predecessor. Fans of the 10 series should be filmed again when trying out the 11 series, as the shoe will allow for slightly more pronation.

Grip is brilliant on the shoe, with a “caterpillar” pattern on the heel going through to the brooks glycerine 11mid foot. The forefoot of the shoe boasts Brooks’ omega flex grooves. These allow the foot to flex properly through the run.

The new upper is seamless, and should not cause irritation to the foot.

The fore foot area of the shoe is cleverly tapered away, and allows the foot to roll naturally over the toes.

Brooks have always been known for their great arch support. For people needing Plantar and Navicular bone support, this is the shoe to use.

Final comments:

The shoe is designed for long distance runners. It would be a great shoe to train in for marathons and ultra-marathons. The shoe would be too cushioned and comfortable for runners wanting to do a quick time trial or speed workout. For that, Brooks have got a number of great choices.

The recent change in the rand/dollar exchange rate has brought the price up, making it one of the more pricey shoes on the market. However the shoe will give the neutral, long distance runner many happy miles of running.

You can read a little bit more about our approach to putting you in the right running shoe here –



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