Midmar Mile Guidelines

By the end of this weekend I will hopefully have completed my 52nd Midmar Mile. I will bemidmar mile 1 doing all 8 miles for the 6th time. Here are a couple of tips as to how to approach the race.

  1. Start on the side unless you are mega quick. The side will mean that you spend less time in the confusion of the first 100m.

  2. Start on the opposite side of where you breathe. So if you typically breathe to the right, start on your left. This will enable you to watch the field and keep a straightish line.

  3. Wear your goggles under your cap. This will help keep the goggles in place, especially if you take a bit of a bump. I use Johnson’s baby shampoo to stop my goggles from misting up. Put a drop into each lens, wipe the inside with the shampoo and then rinse well.

  4. Try to relax as soon as possible. The start will always be stressful! As soon as you are out of the washing machine effect of too many swimmers around you, try to get your stroke going. You want to make sure that you are swimming with a nice stretched body, get your pull going and hold it, so that you fully extend your triceps muscle.

5. Drafting behind a stronger swimmer will allow you to put less effort in, and therefore swim a bit faster. Keep close to their feet, but not so close that you touch their feet.

  1. Make sure that you are going in a straight line. A number of people will approach 2 km’s of swimming covered, instead of the marked out 1.6 km. An aerial view will show them zigzagging across the dam.

  2. Slower swimmers run the risk of people in front of them stopping from swimming freestyle and going into breaststroke so that they can sight better. I know of a few swimmers who have had the misfortune of having a breaststroke swimmer kick them. Take immediate evasive action.

  3. If in doubt, get out. Swimming is a risky sport. If you don’t feel well, raise your hand in the air and a lifeguard will respond. Midmar is incredibly well organized and you will receive assistance within a few seconds.

  4. Start kicking slightly harder as you get toward the end of the race. This will help you get more blood in your legs, which will in turn, enable you to stand more firmly when you exit the water.

  5. If you suffer from low blood pressure, move more slowly toward the finish line to get your medal. It might take a bit of time for your body to adjust from swimming to walking/running.

  6. Lastly, remember to smile as you get out of the water. You want to look like a superhero in your photo. Hand your number in at the finish line and grab your medal. You earned it, so enjoy it!


Mike Roscoe.

Mike Roscoe

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  1. Jaco says:

    Thanks Mike – great tips!

  2. manii says:

    Thank you for sharing Mike, now so looking forward to my first Midmar!

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