There is one big push waiting inside.

Last night at the Sunninghill Striders Comrades farewell evening, Arnold Geerdts advised runners to get a few positive statements in their minds as they face the ultra. He advised that you get the following ad in your mind so as to replay it when you go through rough patches. The ad features Haile Gebre Selassie, it’s main theme is that, “There is one big push waiting inside”

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2 Responses to There is one big push waiting inside.

  1. This has given me goose bumps. Thank you for sharing. Even though I am not doing comrades this year, I will watch this video over and over.

    • sbrsport says:

      It is great – I think that one big push is apt for all running distances as well as for life in general. Have a “one big push” kind of day.

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